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Deluxe Game Bags

Deluxe Game Bags
HANDCRAFTED IN THE U.S.A. Game bags and meat bags are something you always need to keep your game meat clean, but oftentimes hunters make the mistake of thinking the light gauze-like material intended for one-time use will do the job – and, put simply, they won’t. Those gauzelike covers most often fall, stretch or tear apart and fail to protect your meat from dirt and flies and grime that can ruin your deer, elk, antelope or moose meat. The SNOWCREST reusable DELUXE GAME BAG is made to our special requirements that is made 100% of heavy duty cotton with a good draw cord to ensure tight closure, whether your need a meat bag, a bag or elk quarters, or a full deer bag. The bags are strong, durable, washable and reusable to give you many years of dependable service, meaning that you get one set of these quality bags and they’ll serve you for many seasons to come. These bags will protect your game, and they’ll last. Simply wash and reuse them, time and again. Three key sizes.

SC95B Deer Bag, 45” x 85” – $34.95
SC96B Elk Quarter Bag, 45” x 45” – $23.75
- (four for $90.00)
SC97B Meat Bag, 15” x 30” – $12.95
- (six for $65.70)
(The popular “Meat Bag” is a universal tool. It holds an entire boned deer or quarter load of elk meat – the ideal all-purpose bag. Easily lashes onto any packframe or packsaddle.)

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